Fall in Love with Uncertainty

You Are Ready to Train

You have worked hard to grow in your life, your work, your heart.

You have something you’d like to create: a business, a career, a book, a change in the world.

You’re now ready to train fearlessly in uncertainty and take yourself beyond old habitual patterns to the next level.

You Care Deeply

Your love for the people you serve is greater than your discomfort. They are worth the hard work of training.

We are committed to our mission to help you (and a million others) change your life through this program.

And Yet, You Sometimes Struggle

You want to be more disciplined, and yet you struggle with distraction & procrastination.

You want to push through fear that is holding you back, through daily training.

You want to live a life of purpose, but struggle with doubt, indecision, busyness.

The Training Program

This is a program created by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, to help you train in the uncertainty of your meaningful work.
We are committed to helping you shift your habitual patterns that arise as you do this purposeful work.

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