Automation technology has been in the workplace for a while now, but it hasn’t replaced human employees. In fact, research is showing that automation is actually improving jobs by increasing productivity and efficiency. Automated robots, systems, and software are becoming the “right hand” to employees to make operations run smoothly.

What is Factory Automation

A factory automation system is a system that integrates the functions of machine controls, robotics and interconnected computer systems. The goal of such a system is to increase productivity, quality and efficiency. It is a complex enterprise, which requires precise design and extensive integration of the various technologies that make up the production process. Such an undertaking requires the engineering skills of many professionals, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software designers, project managers and industrial designers.

Automation Improves Safety

In the old days, a person would have to put the product on the shelf. They would have to pick it off the shelf, mark it, put it in a box, drive it to the elevator, and drop it into a shipping box. Each step could be dangerous to the worker’s safety and also costly to the company. By using automated picking systems, products are placed on shelves much more quickly than before. The products stay safer on the shelf because workers don’t have to use their physical strength to get them onto the shelves. The robots don’t always pick the best product Sometimes the robots just pick a random product off the shelf. Sometimes they pick the best product, but it isn’t the one you are looking for. So, employees go out into the warehouse and look for the product they are looking for.

Improves Warehouses Efficiency

Automation solutions are not only making warehouses safer, they’re also making them much more streamlined and resourceful. Not only can robots take over demanding tasks such as picking and packing for you, but autonomous machines paired with AI systems are coming up with the most innovative ways to accomplish warehouse tasks that would take humans too long to complete.

Automation improves employee productivity

Automation in the form of robotics and automated software is the way of the future. It’s a win-win situation: people spend more time doing strategic tasks and less time on daily tasks, while businesses save money on labor costs. Who knows? In ten years, it might be hard to find a job that doesn’t require some level of automation.

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