How Industrial Computer Vision Is Changing The Game For Manufacturing And Technology

Industrial computer vision is the use of artificial intelligence techniques to help machines see. It gives computers the ability to identify objects, calculate distances, and detect motion. The technology is quickly becoming indispensable for manufacturers, as it enables automation and improves efficiencies. Here are some ways that industrial computer vision can change your business.

What is Industrial Computer Vision?

For many years, manufacturing companies have been using computer systems to help process data. But for years, it was very difficult to get the information in the correct format and provide it to manufacturing machines, robots, and even people to improve productivity. Industrial computer vision applies the same types of AI technologies, but to industrial processes. The result? You can capture and recognize objects automatically. It allows your machines to distinguish between objects, at a faster and more accurate rate than humans. It also helps in other areas. For instance, industrial computer vision is being used to monitor robots. If an obstacle is detected, the robot will stop, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation. Why Use Industrial Computer Vision?

Cutting Costs with Computer Vision

Computer vision can help manufacturers reduce costs by reducing human error. In addition, it enables the automation of industrial processes by providing accurate assessments of the health of equipment, such as factories, refineries, and other manufacturing facilities. It reduces the need for mechanical maintenance, which improves equipment uptime. When a device becomes unresponsive, computer vision allows for faster diagnostics and repairs, helping to save costs and inefficiencies. Software solutions are available that automate the maintenance process with computer vision. What to Know About the Skilled Professionals Required Not everyone is capable of operating these advanced systems, so manufacturers should consider training personnel.

Automating Processes with Computer Vision

A good industrial computer vision system has the capability to automate repetitive tasks and activities. One thing that’s especially important in the manufacturing industry is quality control. As you can imagine, there are a lot of different ways to test materials and components. The result of these tests can impact the life cycle of products, from their manufacturing to after-sale. What’s more, quality control can take place at different stages of the manufacturing process. Computer vision software can help to eliminate human error and create more accurate inspection reports. It can also be used to identify the real-time status of these products. The ability to capture information in real-time is a game-changer for manufacturing efficiency.

Improving Quality with Computer Vision

Industrial computer vision can significantly improve the consistency and quality of your products. This type of inspection can highlight defects or provide quality information that will allow you to meet your standards. Industrial computer vision can automate the inspection of components, components, and assemblies. These systems can utilize vision and control algorithms to estimate the position, orientation, and alignment of the parts. This type of information helps ensure the components are working as intended and can reduce costs associated with downtime. Adapting to New Methods Industrial computer vision allows for more complex processes to take place. Automation tools that were once hard-coded to perform a specific task can be connected to a network.


Data and automation have drastically changed the way we work in industrial manufacturing, and while much of this change is certainly positive, there are a few challenges in the industry that go beyond the technological. For example, because the regulations regarding data transfer and security have grown, these companies have had to make changes to their processes and procedures. However, this has led to a boost in the overall performance of the companies that have used industrial computer vision. For more information on how to incorporate industrial computer vision into your industrial manufacturing facility, contact EAMVision to learn how we can customize the programs that you need for your individual industry needs.

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