Industrial Computer Vision Systems: The Best Technology for Your Business

Industrial computer vision systems are a new and powerful technology that can dramatically change the way we approach quality control. These systems help detect defects, measure quantities, and track movements in order to transform how we work. These software solutions are capable of analyzing images and tracking objects as they move through a production process. They can also spot subtle changes in manufacturing processes such as small variations in product geometry or surface finish that might not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Industrial Computer Vision Systems

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), “by 2018, industrial vision systems will be incorporated into 20% of the world’s enterprises.” Over the last decade, these systems have become increasingly accurate and versatile, thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. How Industrial Computer Vision Systems Can Help Your Business Industrial computer vision systems can significantly improve the quality control process in many different manufacturing industries. Traditionally, employees must manually measure and inspect product parts using fixed measurements such as inch or centimeter, speed, or temperature.

What are Industrial Computer Vision Systems?

Industrial computer vision systems are simply computer vision systems that are designed to assist in industrial inspection and quality control. In other words, they are used to process digital images of an entire production line and, in so doing, help solve inspection, quality control, and reporting challenges. The images are captured using an industrial camera and linked to a series of external sensors and algorithms. Together, they allow the system to perform vision analysis to recognize minute imperfections in manufacturing processes and products. These systems can examine and even map an entire production process, flag any abnormalities, and facilitate corrective actions. How Do They Work?

How does an industrial computer vision system work?

Computer vision system work analyzes images and “learns” to recognize and describe what’s in each one. The computer can then use this information to better understand the manufacturing processes and optimize them. For example, by analyzing and “learning” to understand how certain robotic tools move and work, a computer vision system can use this data to help operators place those tools in a more effective manner. This results in a reduction of time and labor costs. For quality control, such systems can be used to identify tiny flaws in a product during the manufacturing process. For example, if a customer sends a sample of a product to your plant to be manufactured, a computer vision system can use the images it captures to identify flaws or irregularities in the finished product.

How can Industrial Computer Vision Systems help your business?

Why Are Industrial Computer Vision Systems Changing How We Can Measure the Value of Our Assets? An industrial computer vision system can monitor thousands of different assets and ensure that production is running smoothly. It uses image processing and statistical analysis to ensure that changes in these assets occur at the right rate. This information is then used to make sure that these changes are noticed quickly and addressed immediately. How Can These Systems Help Improve Quality Control in Your Industrial Facilities? Factories that use industrial computer vision systems can more efficiently monitor the progress of products through the entire production process.

The Future of Industrial Computer Vision Systems

Solutions such as 3D laser scanning and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite are just two of the leading players in the industrial computer vision systems market. As you can see, industries are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics in order to transform their operations. At EAMVision, we expect the adoption of industrial computer vision systems to increase due to their transformational ability. This technology can help you be more efficient, innovative, and innovative in the next few years.

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