Big Trends – Why You Should Pay Attention to Them

There are many emerging trends in Big Data and several technologies are already changing the way people think about data-driven decision-making. Data visualization is one emerging idea to leverage Big Data. Companies that have not yet tapped into the power of Big Data are missing out on an opportunity to leverage it in a big way. Here are some of the 5 biggest trends in Big Data visualization.

Visualization has matured as the technology has evolved. A decade ago, visuals were still reserved for complicated computer graphics or 3D images. Now, complex 3D animation is built into interactive e-learning courses. Ease of use is key, and companies need to realize that visualizations are not just for geeks.

Machine Vision: Machine Vision refers to the ability to recognize and categorize data in a manner that allows the user to make inferences. Companies that rely heavily on data to support their business will benefit from this trend. Machine Vision is one of the most important concepts in industry. Visualization is just one tool in the toolbox.

Collaboration. The advent of Social Media and more advanced collaborative tools has opened up new doors in Big Data. Companies may be able to tap into previously off-limits sources. Researchers may be able to share their work with the entire industry or just a select group.

Analytics. Big Data analytics has enabled companies to tap into previously unthinkable ways of viewing and analyzing data. With the help of analytical software, companies can analyze data in new ways and find patterns and correlations that they never could before. Analytics is the key to the future.

Scalability. Data visualization is only the beginning. Companies need to realize that they can now scale applications horizontally. Data is no longer simply collected and stored at one company level; it is now distributed and used at multiple sites.

Platform Independentness: Machine vision has revolutionized industries. It has made possible the development of highly performant E-commerce websites. Machine vision will continue to change the way industries interact with each other. Decisions will be made based on actual user interaction rather than what a program tells the user.

Although big trends sometimes cause major upheaval, it’s important for people to remain calm and keep their feet firmly grounded. Trends are inevitable in any industry. They are a natural part of business life. With the exception of large changes like those caused by technology, trends occur gradually over time.

As long as people understand these big trends and how they impact the industry, they’ll be better prepared to deal with them when they come. The ability to analyze and predict future trends to help investors make better buying and selling decisions. People who aren’t trained in the modern technology or analytics don’t have the advantage of hindsight. Those who do, though, tend to have better decisions.

When people think about big trends in technology, they often fall into a few basic categories. The first is obsolescence. Big trends tend to be classic examples of obsolescence. Products become less useful and expensive over time. As a result, people buy newer products or upgrade their current ones to keep up with the market.

Another type of trend is a disruptive trend. Disruptive trends cause a product or service to significantly alter the landscape of an industry. They can significantly affect costs and consumer perceptions.

Data is key in analyzing big trends. Data visualization tools are available for anyone who wants to see trends in big data. Software like R/apers and Trendacing can help you analyze big data from many angles. This type of analysis provides an excellent platform for forecasting and creating strategies.

As you can see, big trends are not just for the savvy investor. These trends are for everyone. Whether you’re looking for growth in your business or you’re interested in investing in the stock market, you should keep an eye out for big trends. You never know when they’ll hit.

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