How AI Will Revolutionize Machine Vision

How will artificial intelligence and machine vision to change the way that manufacturers do business? It is clear that vision is one of the most important capabilities of a computer. Machines without human inputs or the ability to understand natural situations are hopeless. Today’s factory automation capabilities are growing at an amazing rate and have the potential to completely change how manufacturing companies operate.

How will the world of Machine Vision change how companies process information and product designs? Today’s computers can map the human body and translate movement into fully functioning machines. This is just one example of how artificial intelligence has increased the capability of machines to do a much greater number of tasks than was previously thought possible. AI machine vision will enable computers to map out all possible human movement and map a human body from head to foot using images taken by high resolution cameras.

How will Machine Vision Systems change how Medical Transcription is done? Current medical transcription software cannot tell the difference between dictated speech and actual patient medical reports. AI system can easily discern the difference. Machine Vision Systems will be used to scan documents for errors and then allow for transcriptionists to add text to the produced files.

How will AI dramatically change Communication? Today, data is transmitted over networks via routers, IP networks and wireless broadband connections with the use of data compression algorithms and message routing protocols. With the advent of machine vision and other artificially intelligent communication tools, machine vision will greatly improve the method by which data is transmitted over networks.

How will Artificial Intelligence change our Energy Industry? Currently, it is estimated that by the year 2021 there will be one billion dollar worth of energy consumed thanks to new solar panels, wind turbines and other energy generating devices. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine vision, it is likely that we will see significant changes in the way we power our lives. One prediction is that in the future computers will be more energy efficient and less power hungry.

How Will AI Revolutionize Transportation? Currently there are three types of transportation: human driven cars, powered trucks and buses. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine vision this will change drastically. Rather than having a driver monitoring the vehicle one will have a system that will not only monitor the vehicle but everything in the surrounding environment. It will replicate real world situations such as heavy traffic, lane changes, turns, stop signs and others.

How will Machine Vision change our Education system? Currently children are taught by adults using textbook and video tutorials. The coming of machine vision and artificial intelligence will reduce the need for teachers entirely. Instead students will be shown videos, images and virtual worlds using their own imagination.

How Will AI Revolutionize Industry? Industry will be transformed with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine vision. Right now most industries are still using paper and ink based manuals. Once the process of learning is fully digitized the industry will be transformed. Machine vision will allow data to be automatically monitored and any necessary adjustments made without human intervention.

How Will AI Revolutionize Transportation? The use of machine vision in transportation will allow vehicles to drive without looking at the road ahead. Soon car navigation systems will be able to map out safe routes, avoiding tolls, congestion and even traffic lights. Human drivers won’t be required to take the wheel and will instead just get on with the flow of the traffic.

How Will AI Revolutionize Industry? The use of machine vision and artificial intelligence will allow industries to design faster, safer products, better machines and ultimately allow for a much more automated existence. Machines will be able to replace workers that are no longer valuable or perform a task that is too menial for a machine. Companies that produce cars, factories or other large items will no longer have to employ humans as workers but rather be able to design, develop, produce and sell any item.

How Will AI Revolutionize Machine Learning? With machine vision the future may see computers mimicking human decisions and actions in all areas of learning. Right now computer systems can easily teach a child to count, to sing and even to play a musical instrument. Soon (or sooner than we think) these machines will be able to handle all of our financial data, diagnose a medical condition or piece of code and even anticipate our needs for food, shelter and clothing. No longer will we be forced to rely on humans to do such things as shop for groceries or pick up clothes at the store!

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